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Trippy Tropical LED Gaming Mouse Pad

Trippy Tropical LED Gaming Mouse Pad

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Add a touch of vibrant flair to your gaming setup with The Pluck's Trippy Tropical LED Gaming Mouse Pad. This eye-catching mouse pad is designed to impress with its advanced blend of soft cloth and fine fabric, providing the perfect surface for smooth mouse action and precise flicks. With its 14 different light settings, controlled by a convenient on/off button, you can customize the LED strip to suit your mood and gaming environment. The detachable USB connector and non-slip backing ensure steady aim and easy portability. Say goodbye to boring mouse pads and elevate your gaming experience with the Trippy Tropical LED Gaming Mouse Pad from The Pluck.

Key details:

  • Precision surface with soft cloth and fine fabric blend
  • Detachable USB connector for easy portability
  • Non-slip rubber backing for steady aim
  • LED strip with 14 different light settings
  • Control lights with the on/off button
  • 0.11" (3mm) thick rubber base for durability
  • Includes micro USB cable
  • Trippy Tropical pattern featuring colorful floral design on a blue background in psychedelic neon style, vibrant florals, dark purple, nature-inspired pieces, and palewave.
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