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Rhapsody in Bloom Tufted Floor Pillow, Square

Rhapsody in Bloom Tufted Floor Pillow, Square

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Add a touch of elegance and comfort to your living space with The Pluck's Rhapsody in Bloom Tufted Floor Pillow. This square pillow, featuring a stunning floral seamless pattern, is sure to catch everyone's attention. With its white stitching in the middle, it adds a unique touch to any resting area in your house.

Not only does this tufted floor pillow look incredible, but it also provides exceptional comfort. Shipped with its own filling, it is as cozy as it is stylish. Made from 100% polyester, this floor pillow is durable and long-lasting.

Key details:

  • Sewn seam closure for a polished finish
  • Double-sided print, allowing you to switch up the look
  • Comes in 2 sizes to suit your needs
  • Made from 100% polyester for durability
  • 100% polyester filling for ultimate comfort
  • Features the Rhapsody in Bloom pattern, a floral seamless design with tropical, pink and orange flowers on a dark blue background, inspired by luxurious fabrics and barroco style.
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