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Fuschia Forest Tufted Floor Pillow, Round

Fuschia Forest Tufted Floor Pillow, Round

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Introducing the Fuschia Forest Tufted Floor Pillow, Round from The Pluck! Elevate the comfort and style of any space in your home with this unique floor pillow. With its round shape and white stitching in the middle, it adds a touch of sophistication to any resting area. Not only does it look great, but it's also incredibly comfortable, thanks to its own filling that is included with every purchase.

Key details:

  • 100% polyester material for durability and easy maintenance.
  • 100% polyester filling for ultimate comfort.
  • Double-sided print for a versatile and stylish look.
  • Available in two sizes to suit your preference and space.
  • Sewn seam closure for a tidy and polished finish.

The Fuschia Forest pattern is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring exquisite illustrations of flowers in a stunning dark teal and dark pink color palette. This sublime wilderness-inspired design is characterized by its hyper-detailed illustrations, prairiecore aesthetics, and hand-coloring. With lush detailing in shades of yellow and orange, this floor pillow is a captivating piece that will enhance the ambiance of any room in your home. Don't miss out on adding a touch of nature's beauty to your space – grab the Fuschia Forest Tufted Floor Pillow, Round from The Pluck today!

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