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Disco Bloom Desk Mat

Disco Bloom Desk Mat

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Add a touch of style and personality to your workspace with The Pluck's Disco Bloom Desk Mat. This vibrant and eye-catching desk mat features a stunning floral seamless pattern, combining beautiful blue and red colors in the style of dark sky-blue and magenta, radiant neon patterns, detailed wildlife, flowerpunk, floral, lush, and detailed designs.

Not only does the Disco Bloom Desk Mat add a pop of color to your office, but it also offers practicality and functionality. With its 4mm thick neoprene material, this desk mat provides a soft and comfortable surface for your wrists and arms while you work. The anti-slip backing ensures that it stays securely in place, while the hemmed edge provides long-lasting durability and stability.

Choose from three different sizes - 12” × 18”, 12” × 22”, or 31" × 15.5" - to find the perfect fit for your desk. Whether you're working from home or in a professional office setting, the Disco Bloom Desk Mat is the ideal choice for adding a personal touch and brightening up your workspace.

Key details:

  • Vibrant and eye-catching Disco Bloom pattern
  • Floral seamless design with blue and red colors
  • Made of 4mm thick neoprene material for comfort
  • Features an anti-slip backing for stability
  • Hemmed edge for durability
  • Available in three sizes: 12” × 18”, 12” × 22”, and 31" × 15.5"
  • Perfect for home offices or professional workspaces
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