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Canna Get Some Area Rug

Canna Get Some Area Rug

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Introducing the Canna Get Some Area Rug from The Pluck - a stylish and durable addition to any room that will make a bold statement. Available in three sizes and two shapes, this rug is not only versatile but also crafted with attention to detail. The hemmed edges and coated backing ensure longevity and durability.

Key details:

  • 100% Polyester Chenille material
  • Multiple sizes to choose from (24x36 inches, 36x60 inches, 48x72 inches)
  • Hemmed edges for a polished look
  • Grey underside for added style

The Canna Get Some pattern is truly unique and eye-catching. With its green marijuana leaves on a dark background, it takes inspiration from Japanese woodblock-inspired prints. The layered and textured surfaces add depth and intrigue to this already stunning piece. Elevate your space with the Canna Get Some Area Rug and be prepared to receive compliments from all who enter.

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